Online business, passive income and digital nomads have become not only opportunities to follow but also a lifestyle choice to build a better future for yourself and your family.
In this blog, we are going to share with you a list of the best opportunities to study for your future online business, whether it is automated or not. The purpose of this list is to give you a clear idea of what you can do online … business opportunities that you can customize with your ideas and that you can develop solo.

1- Real estate ad site for your city and / or region:
Create a website for real estate ads, specializing in a specific and promising geographic area. The aim would also be to become a benchmark in terms of price analysis and trends in the sector. Your customers will be individuals but also real estate agencies.

2- Create a job advertisement site for your city / region:
Despite the rapid development of social networks that have changed our habits like Facebook and Linkedin, specialized job sites remain the best method to apply for a job offered by a company or to reference yourself on a CV library.
Getting into this business with your city as a target is a good strategy because you can quickly develop your website by contacting recruiters, …

You can create your website easily with the WordPress Jobthemes.

3- Develop a general or niche coupon site:
Searching for coupons has become essential before purchasing each product or service online. This is the opportunity to have a quick reduction without negotiating with the seller.

A coupon website is based on the concept of affiliation. Its development can cost several thousand dollars at a web agency or a few tens of dollars with ready solutions like WPCoupony which is a WordPress plugin to easily develop your coupon website.
You can either negotiate directly with the brand or subcontract with platforms like Rakuten or Groupon. You earn a percentage on each purchase made via your links / coupons.

4- Create an online store in a specific niche:
It is a completely traditional internet business, which requires a WordPress installation with the woocommerce plugin, a suitable theme. But also in communication and referencing (SEO, SMO) to attract potential customers to your store.

Whether in dropshipping, affiliation or internal storage, you can grow your business in just a few hours a day. And with social media, you can explode your profit in record time.

5- Sell training online:
Create an online training space, on a subject that you are familiar with. MOOC (massive open online course) type internet business ideas are very popular: the aim is to offer accelerated distance learning. You will of course need a Youtube channel in addition to an online blog. The goal is to bring together a community around you who advertises you and who buys your training.

6- Creation, development and resale of website / blog:
It is a very interesting business model.

You can launch blogs in several business sectors / niches, develop them in terms of content and SEO and offer them for sale on specialized websites like Flippa.

7- Resale of domain names:
Reselling and brokerage of domain names is an activity in its own right. You can start with a small capital and grow according to your business strategies. There are several platforms where you can start your business and the best one is

Renting a domain name is a very profitable activity. Used mainly in the United States. (Example:

8- Create an online newspaper or magazine specializing in a niche:
The sources of income could be advertising at first, subscriptions thereafter. Choose a niche (theme or specific geographic area) to get to break through. In any case, it will take time!

On the technical side, you will find what you are looking for in the WordPress theme gallery.