Wordpress premium job themes / Features


Our themes are built with all the standard features you would expect from a professional job board, plus behind the scenes features that enhance your marketing such as built in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features, E-commerce and advertising tools .Everything is ready.
Let’s get to the point, Our themes were made to make money.


Jobthemes is designed to deliver a powerful niche job board solution without expensive and time consuming software modifications. From the look and feel of your site to the content of the emails generated by the system, the software is configurable to easily adapt to your market and your audience.

A myriad of feature options can be easily turned on or off based on your requirements. If you feel we’ve missed something, we are here to listen and find a way to deliver what you need.

Custom Look and Feel, Site ‘Branding’

We create a custom ‘wrapper’ for your job board based on your existing site design, or based on as little as a logo. If you have an existing site with which your job board will be integrated we will use graphics and code from that site to build your wrapper. If you do not have an existing site, or your job board will be standalone, we have several templates to choose from. Just pick a template, supply us with a logo, and we will do the rest. When integrating with an existing web site, links in the wrapper of your job board along with links in your main site are used to allow easy movement between pages on both site.

Custom Home Page and Ancillary Pages

Depends on the template You would like to use, Home pages display almost all relevant content from all the website, Using smart layouts and well positioned links and graphics, By default the job board’s home page is where someone lands when they access your job board’s domain in a browser (www.MyJobBoardDomain.com). If you want to provide your own custom home page as your job board landing page this is easily configured. Perhaps you don’t have another web site you are integrating with your job board, but you want to provide additional information to your audience.

Custom Job and Resume Searching

You dictate how jobs and resumes will be indexed and searched on your job board. If your job board is serving a specific industry, tailor your job categories to that industry and your locations to the geographic reach of your board. If you are a general employment job board with a regional focus, tailor your locations to your target geographic market and build a more general job categories list.

Custom Job types
If you want to also index and search by job type (full-time, part-time, contract, etc.) then a job type search field is configured

Free Form Search Option
You may prefer a more streamlined, ‘Google-like’ job search interface rather than the traditional search-by-values-in-a-list job search Jobthemes’s ‘Free Form’ job search allows searching by two simple entry fields – keywords and location. Keywords can contain any relevant text such as a job title, part of a job description or an employer name. Location can contain any combination of state name, state abbreviation, city or community and zip code.

Customizable Job and Resume Forms
Customizing the informational requirements of your job postings and your candidate profiles is a requirement for many niche operators. We have provided a standard set of fields on both of these forms.

For every job board we deliver, we can adjust the job and resume forms to fit your needs and requirements.

Search by location
Filter the posts by Locations , cities,states, areas or countries that you easily create through the back end.

Search by date period
Allows searching Jobs or Resumes by setting date period.

Search jobs and resumes by category:
Users can filter the jobs as the resumes by categories, these categories the admin create in the admin previously.

Search by company:
Allows searching companies by name and location, or browsing companies by alphabet.

Widget-Enabled Sidebars:
Easily drag and drop custom different widgets to to the sidebars of your job board pages.

Share jobs/blog posts:
With this option You can allow the users of your site to share jobs and blogs in all major social networks (facebook,twitter,linkedin..)

Twitters/facebook support:
You can easily insert the IDs of your twitters and facebook accounts, to link your site with them, and by using widgets, you can display the last twits and Facebook subscribers.

Users’ dashboards:
both job seekers ad job listers have separated dedicated dashboards to allow them to control theirs jobs/resumes and their site’s experiences without having the ability to access to wordpress backend.

Yes, Our themes come with a built-in blog that can easily managed from the back end, by adding posts, news, advices, it’s on your own, a dedicated blog into a professional job board.

RSS feeds:
Share the latest job postings via RSS feeds.

2/Job Seeker

Job seekers coming to your site make a decision quickly whether to stay or move on. We have designed JOBTHEMES to engage job seekers quickly and move them through to registration and applying for jobs at your site. When job seekers apply for jobs at your site your employers get results and purchase more services from you. Here are some of the features which will attract a loyal job seeker audience:

General Features

  • Multiple backfill options
  • Pages load quickly, searches are fast.
  • Use your own custom job seeker home page, or use our default home page.
  • Capture and analyze referral data (‘where did you hear about us’).

Registration and Account Management

  • Simple, fast job seeker registration encourages sign ups.
  • First job agent is created automatically upon registering.
  • Customizable registration confirmation emails.
  • Opt in/out of emails from your job board.

Profile/Resume Management

  • Supports one or multiple profiles/resumes per job seeker account.
  • Supports resumes as text (keyed or pasted) and as attachments (.pdf, .doc, .docx, .rtf, .txt).
  • Job seeker opt in/out of employer’s resume search.
  • Customizable job seeker profile form, add fields to capture information relevant to your niche.
  • Option to force new profiles/resumes to a ‘pending’ status, not active in resume database until review and release by administrators – useful for selective boards that want to control the quality of resumes in their database.

Apply for Jobs

  • Job board configurable to support 3 application paths: online (job board database), redirect to employer’s web site, via email. Stats maintained on all three.
  • Unlimited employer defined screening questions, responses required before applying online.
  • Application confirmation emails to candidates.
  • Application notification emails to employers.

Job ‘Agents’

  • Unlimited job agents with candidate defined search criteria including job category, location, keywords, zip code/radius miles, etc.
  • Nightly processing matches new/updated jobs with agent criteria.
  • Customizable job agent email sent to candidate with hyperlinks to matching jobs at your site.


We constantly hear positive comments from our customers regarding our themes’ features and overall ease of use for employers and recruiters. Here is a summary of the features which your customers will appreciate and benefit from.

Registration and Account Management

  • Allow employer self-registration, or restrict control to admin/sales staff.
  • Multiple logons per employer account if required with role based authority – ‘administrator’ or ‘associate’ level.
  • Restrict employer registration by country (based on IP address) to reduce the chances of fraud and attempted credit card abuse.
  • Capture and analyze referral data (‘where did you hear about us’).

Job Management

  • Maintain a complete history of postings.
  • Create new postings, edit existing postings, ‘template’ postings.
  • Show alternate company names, or ‘name withheld’, on postings.
  • Unlimited employer defined screening questions per posting, applicant ‘scoring’ based on responses.
  • Multiple ‘how to apply’ options including via job board, by email and at employer’s web site.
  • Display stats on postings including number of job ‘views’ and number of applications.


Jobthemes’ administration area provides easy to use tools to configure your job board, control your customers experience and track activity – without having to be a ‘techie’. Our configuration panel provides simple screens which allow you to control a multitude of settings and options on your job board to customize it to your market and audience.
You’ll have quick access to key statistics and sales information in addition to all of your employer and job seeker data. Create multiple administrative logons if required with specific authority levels. Here are some of the features available as a job board administrator.Quick access and control of all your employer information. Create new employer accounts, change existing accounts, delete accounts, manage users under employer account, etc.View complete employer purchase history, reprint/email invoices and credit card receipts, make purchases on employer’s behalf with product override capabilities.Optionally force all new postings for select employers to ‘REVIEW’ status enabling admin review before going live.
Quick and easy access to all job posting information with admin control of featured and enhanced job status.
Manage employer’s full page ‘profile’ and featured employer banner ads.
Search for employers based on company name, contact names and account status.
Employer ‘auto-logon’ links allows administrators to quickly logon to employer account and access the job board through the employer interface.
  • General admin settings:
    • – Change custom colors
    • – Upload logo;
    • – Disable/Enable blog;
    • – Google analytics tracking code;
    • – Jobs’ expiration days;
    • – Moderate jobs;
    • – Control who can see and browse resumes and resume listings;
    • – Set who can see the admin backend.
  • Jobs module:
    • – Create/Edit/Relist/Remove jobs and control their content;
    • – Create/Edit/Remove job categories, Job locations, Job types, Job
  • Resumes module:
    • – Control the resumes database;
    • – Create/Edit/Remove resumes and control their content;
    • – Create/Edit/Remove resumes categories, resumes groups,languages;
  • Users module:
    • – Edit/Delete users easily from the backend;
    • – Add new users and set their roles.
    • – Export users’ data.
  • Advanced theme options:
    We built all our themes with a very advanced theme options where you can
    control every pixel of your website. our themes come with a tons of theme
    options, including:

    • – Change the layout and the footer of your website;
    • – Appearance settings, custom backgrounds, patterns, typography.. and
    • – More advanced settings !

5/E-commerce Enabled

Our themes include full support for collecting posting fees and subscriptions’ fees via PayPal and other payment gateways.
Additionally, subscription processing can managed by a custom PayPal Instant Payment Notification (IPN) module integrated with the Job Board software.

  • E-commerce module;
    • – Integrate your job board with paypal and other gateways;
    • – Set the price of posting jobs, featuring jobs, the amount of days
      until theybe expired;
    • – Create job packs (Pack duration, pack cost, number of jobs..);
    • – Recurring payments support, your customers pay you monthly or
      after their jobgets expired.
  • Advertising module:Using this module you can easily monetize your job board by inserting ads :
    • – In top of the site;
    • – In the footer;
    • – Between Job listings ( You can control after what job listing you
      want todisplay your ad);
    • – Inside the content of the job page;
    • – In the blog posts !

6/Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of designing web sites/web pages so they rank as highly as possible in search engines (mainly: Google) .
Higher ranking equates to higher employer and job seeker traffic to your job board. Search engine ‘spiders’ routinely interrogate web sites in order to classify/index their content so that people performing searches can find those sites.

As almost all wordppress clean themes , it’s very well optimized to be indexed in search engines, but we make sure that our application includes all of its SEO features as standard in our base product. from the titles structure, to the friendly clean urls and permalinks, and the descriptions that rich of keywords, we did not forget the layout’s structure and the clean html code that’s smoothly be crawled by search engines bots.

  • SEO Dashboard (Using one of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins by Yoast);
  • Search engine friendly URLs;
  • XML Sitemaps;
  • Mega Tags, titles & headings editing;
  • Robots.txt;
  • Jobs RSS feeds by categories;
  • Dynamic landing pages;
  • Google Analytics integration;
  • Keywords & Description management;
  • Bulk keywords upload;
  • Google Webmaster Tools integration.

Numerous SEO strategies are built into jobthemes in such a way that you don’t have to be an expert in SEO to take advantage of them.

7/Social Networks

Social media is redefining the way people communicate and relate to one another. FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social sites are common vehicles for personal and professional networking. Furthermore, our themes make it easy to publish job postings from your job board to your corporate social media site – a great way to drive traffic to your job board.

8/Job Posting Backfill

Backfill, backfill…and more backfill! Having a sufficient number of jobs on your job board is important in attracting job seekers and employers.
Our themes are ready to accept feeds of jobs into your job board from a number of established backfill providers from the first day you launch your job board. In addition, several of these backfill providers offer programs which provide you with additional revenue on a per-click or per-application basis.
Some of the backfill providers we work with include: