Wordpress premium job themes / Services


One size does not fit all! We recognize that every business will have unique requirements and will have different skill sets. In addition to the right software, you may require other skills and services related to building and maintaining a successful job board.
Our team has the experience to assist in several areas.

Th services we offer:

  • Install & Configure job boards;
  • WordPress Themes Development;
  • Premium job board themes;
  • Job board unique Customizations;
  • Development of Custom Features & Plugins;
  • WordPress & Plugin Installation & Configuration;
  • Wodpress themes Installation and Setup;
  • Themes tweaking & Customization;
  • PHP, HTML,CSS, JS/JQUERY Development;
  • Web ,Graphic & Logo design;
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization.

We will be happy to work with you on any WordPress project as long as you use (or will be using) one of our premium themes.
We are passionate developers and designers who do develop good-looking full-feature websites that they surely meet your requirements.


  • It depends on the mods needs.if slight changes, a big chance it might be free of charges and with big smile from us as extra.
  • In case the work that you need to be done will take some time, so we base our pricing on the standard rates: $40/hour ($30 if more than 10 hours and depends the changes themselves)
  • Install & Configure Job board theme for only $49. i.e if you purchase one of our themes, for 49$ only you get your site ready,installed and configured.


For further information and orders, you can contact us directly using the form HERE , Else, You can get a quote by filling the form here.