Back in the day, the phrase itself was stunning.,,, “Create and own a professional job board” , It was very hard and costly project that requires a team of developers, designers/
But nowadays, It’s a easy as creating an email account, and with few clicks away, a clean, modern and full-features job board can be created, and the best of it, it’s very cheap. All this and more, Thanks to The Elmagnifico ..Wordpress !

How to :

Well, You have two options to do it:

  • Using a standalone premium theme that works out of the box.
  • Or a plugin that integrates all the functions and options of a job board into an existing theme.

There are many WordPress themes and plugins that make it easy to create and manage a job boards. And the number is obviously increasing, So more and more job themes and plugins see the light every day, taking Themeforest as an example which promotes tens of them.

But The simple difference is that a job board theme can be perfect if you want a dedicated jobs site, but in case you’re looking for a jobs board as part of an existing website, a plugin can work just as well.
And here bellow, I’ll try to narrow the list of these choices and highlight each option and its cons and pros. So you can get what they have to offer.

WordPress job board plugins:

Pros: Plugins are the right option if you have a wordpress theme that You love or You just get used of and don’t want to change.
Cons: Not all the themes are compatible with the plugins and vice-versa.. emm ! how can you know??!!.. You check with the plugin’s developer or the theme’s author!

WP Job Manager (Free)

It has more than 60k active installs and 4.8 stars rating.. This free job board plugin is very popular among job boards’ creators, wordpress developers or even bloggers.
It’s a shortcode based plugin, that works with any theme and it includes front end submission forms that can easily be managed through the admin panel of wordpress.

if you are a blogger with an existing blog, you can use WP Job Board to add a custom job board to your blog, whereas entrepreneurs and recruitment agencies can use this plugin to setup a job board right within the well-known user friendly interface of WordPress.

The plugin lets you create both a job board for your site and allows for a personal profile page that lists a job seeker’s resume.
Here are few of its key-features:

  • Control of Job Posts | You manage the job posting and the job posting users
  • Easy Monetization Options | It includes a Paypal and Stripe modules to easily monetize your job board by either charging for adding job listings, and for employers to access to the resume database.
  • Job Boards Integration | One of the unique features of WP Job Board is that you can use the plugin to pull job listings from sites like Indeed, CareerBuilder and LinkedIn.

This is not all what the plugin can do but it is definitely a powerful plugin that is worth consideration depending on what you’re looking for.
Ah,yes, l not forget to say that, there is a wide range of free and paid add-ons available to extend its functionality.

 WP Job Hunter

WP Job Hunter is an easy-to-use and flexible premium plugin for adding a jobs board to your WordPress website.
It includes modules for several online job portals (such as Indeed, Elance, SimplyHired and more) so you can promote job listings across a number of networks all from your own website. With features like field customizations, page templates, visitor stats and more you’re sure to love this handy plugin!

WP Job Manager (Plugin)

WP Job Manager is a powerful and easy to use job board plugin designed to be compatible with most WordPress themes. You can integrate it with any existing WordPress website and WP Job Manager will work just fine. In addition of this, Job board manager plugin is highly customizable platform with various payment and listing options.

Job Board WordPress Themes

Depends on how extensive you need your job board to be, using a theme as a job board is another good option, they work once they are installed and activated with no need of any external plugins or addons. Except if you want to power-up their functions or interface.

Pros: Most of them are powerful on both sides, The front-end and the backend, and Regardless of how well designed the theme is, all the themes have their own interface and colors’ branding, So they give a solid look that all the part of the job board was done by one single team, Unlike the plugins that often You need to adjust its aspects to fit into the interface of the external theme.
Cons: They limit the audience target, Since most of them are only job boards and you’d feel cuffed if you want to integrate another section like “Classified ads , Ecommerce.. etc” because you’ll probably fall into “Sorry, that plugin isn’t compatible with our theme” answer !

Bellow you find a short list of job board themes, Most of them share the same premium design and functionality and they are highly customizable to suit your needs. Most of these themes are created as dedicated job board themes but some of them can be used for recruitment agency,Job seekers’ profile pages and more.


A beautifuly-designed theme for employment agencies and job recruitment websites.
You can receive fees for every post and submission, making that JobsDirectory has implemented several options for monetization.

This theme is well optimized for search engines, either jobs, resumes or posts will not be missed by google. In addition of that, it supports couple of the famous SEO plugins such as SEO by Yoast, All in One SEO, Google XML sitemaps and more.

Also, It’s possible to create sites with variety of languages.


A clean flat modern job boad theme, it can be installed and running in 5 minutes. It is fully customizable theme with unlimited color and font variations and plenty of other options to tweak your website. And It’s a mobile-friendly (responsive) theme for WordPress that works well with WP Job Manager, Well, thousands of users cannot be wrong !


A fully responsive and bundled with brilliant features.
you can easily configure WPJobus to run in one of three modes: as an online job board, a personal resume website, or an online company profile complete with vacancy listings.
The design and appearance of the theme is of a high standard and doesn’t look out of place next to the best-selling premium WordPress themes out there.


A powerful, feature-rich theme that lets you customize a wide variety of features from the comfort of your WordPress Dashboard.

It is very easy to install and manage, making it the ideal choice for those who are not very tech-savvy. Both experts and newbies can enjoy this wonderful WordPress job board theme.


A clean, elegant and sharp job board WordPress theme with feature-rich theme options. It is well crafted and coded theme, created by a bunch of wordpress experts .Dedicated designed for job seekers and recruiters. It’s very easy to setup with a big range of options in the backend that ease managing job listings.

The capacities such as geo located job searches, job and email alerts or application deadlines make Jobroller amazingly flexible in its reach, and features like the Resume Manager, Profile Completion and Indeed job integration make it a delight to work with. Free job submissions and a fully operational payment payment system are included for your utmost convenience. And custom forms and fields’ module can make it the best choice for any business niche.

And for whom want to power-up their job board, appthemes’ marketplace offer a big list of Jobroller child themes and compatible plugins that can take your job board to the next level. So let’s not be misled by the basic interface of Jobroller, there are really strong bones in the backend. And for this, We had chosen it to be our themes’ parent theme (Not quite sure if possible for anyone to choose his parent, but we did !!!)


No matter how good or bad the economy might be at any given time there will always be job seekers. Every day people search online to find employment in a variety of industries. Searching the bigger job boards can be overwhelming , Hence, what would greatly benefit these job seekers is a fine-tuned job board that concentrates on a smaller segment of the overall job market. And for any market, there are hidden diamonds. That’s why You should create a job board.

Have you used any of the products mentioned above? Have you tried another good one not mentioned on the list? Share your thoughts and opinions with us.