Welcome to our brand new website.

This is me, Rahim, Jobthemes manager, if you ever contacted jobthemes, so we certainly met already  :)

2012 has been a fantastic year for Jobthemes.com, We were lucky to serve thousands of customers although we were new in the ”market”. So we had to take our web site to a new level, and here the new version came, which has been widely adopted, with all the necessary sections for a successful service provider. from the presentations, the documentations, showcases, to the forums and support after purchase. All this just to facilitate using Jobthemes.com.

Even though, we will keep our two struts-strategy: Making good looking premium themes and provide instant reliable support.

Our team.. New talents:
Recently, We hired a web designer (Maha Zaidi) and a php/wordpress developer (Marc Mourray). They are both very talented; and we believe they are going to give a strong push for our production unit.. Surely you are going to see their touch on our themes during the next days.

Each theme and everything we produce will be exclusively designed, strategically coded, and commented, SEO optimized, with theme admin options, widget-ready, supporting famous plug-ins.

New blog

This blog can be used as a database of all theme updates and changes, also you can find some other great stuff, including, news about Jobthemes, new releases, themes case studies, announcements, How-To articles, tips, freebies, polls, discussions, contests, features, reports, giveaways…Feel free to use this blog to write us some feedback or suggestion, We base on your review to learn, grow ,  expand and enhance our services.

Improving the support:
In order to boost our support, we launched new sections.
The forums: where you can ask your pre-sales questions, themes’ requests, asking for help, exchange valuable tips with other members and even keeping in touch with the community and the staff.
The support is very prior to us.
The themes’ guides: before you post your questions, read the docs of the theme, mostly you’ll find all the accurate details and the answers of how-to questions.. But you still can contact us any time you want.

More sections were studied and planned to be released. Such as case studies, ideas exchanges..So as it’s obvious, this is not the end, in fact this is the start.

Well, I am not sure what’s more, being happy for this new launch, or excited to start the new beat . both are more . I think.

Anyways, stay tuned for more announcements and we’d be happy if you can provide any feedback via the comments below, on our facebook page facebook.com/jobthemes or on our new forums.

Final word, I should say I know that the density of the word ” New” in this post is over high.. but well, what’s the point of

_ Rahim