Jobsapp 2.0 has been released, This is the most advanced jobsapp version ever, After the insistence of our customers to upgrade Jobsapp , we took a while to add tens of options and features.
This version of fully compatible with The very new version of Jobroller 1.7.

Here are few highlighted features for version 2.0
Theme options:
YEP, Jobsapp now has its own theme options area, where the users can control almost everything without editing a single line of code.

Appearance settings:
Change the color, backgrounds, fonts of your job board. antalya ucuz escort

Custom backgrounds support:

Multi-areas advertising spots:

How do you get this update:
If you purchased jobsapp, You can get your copy from your jobthemes dashboard.

Note: This version works ONLY with Jobroller 1.7, if you have an old version of jobroller we highly recommend you to get the very last one. antalya escort